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What makes you two clowns an authority on movie theatres?

We are human people who go to movies often. This site is about celebrating rather than judging. For the record, we have never dressed up like clowns and cannot juggle. Though years ago, Jim dressed up like Ed Grimley for some charity events.

Why do you showcase so many Landmark Cinemas and not Cineplex?

They own so many small-town theatres in western Canada! It was not intentional to favour them over other theatres. Yes, we go on about how we love Landmark popcorn, so it could totally look like we’re shills. Maybe Landmark could buy a couple of ads on this site and we could really get people talking???????

Why isn’t Lora in more pictures?

Oh Jim tries! She takes 99 percent of the photos and has an excuse to get out of any picture. The one above, it's from the Bandwidth Theatre in Winnipeg. Sadly it hasn’t been open for awhile.

Here’s a picture of Lora dressed as Cyndi Lauper with a friend! And yes, she dyed her hair orange for this!

Why don’t you review the movie sound and picture more often?

In most cases. We only see one movie at the theatre. We don’t think it’s fair to judge the sound and picture on the performance of one movie.  But if/when we return, we might comment on anything we see or hear that is improved.

Why don’t you review the movie?

We don’t want there to be confusion between the movie and the theatre! Movies are good and not so good. Theatres are mostly awesome!

Do you think you’ll ever say anything critical about a theatre?

We have, but don’t harp on it.  This blog is about fun, and we’re talking to other people who like fun. We’re not talking to people who go to their friend’s house and judge their furniture. We go for the experience rather than pointing out if the carpets match the drapes.

Why don’t you talk about the history of the theatre and give more stats?

Well, we like that stuff, (and Andrew LOVES that stuff) but most people just want enough info to be familiar with the place. If we find a really really interesting fact, we’ll share it!

Is there a Theatre you WON’T review?

Lora wanted to answer, “Since there are no Trump Theatres, No!” But the other two answers are: if we can afford to go there, we’ll do it! And, there are some theatre chains that get all weird about someone taking a picture of their building and if we encounter that, we’ll respect their wishes. (while quietly chiding them for being such corporate jerk-faces).