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Brandon knows how to Movie – with a Capitol M!

Landmark Cinemas 9 - in Brandon, Manitoba!

By Jim | July 18th, 2018 at 3:19pm

We chose the 10pm show because we had a late start from Winnipeg! So really, we didn’t choose it, our life choices did.  Luckily it was a short trip to our hotel on 18th street after the movie!

Why it’s Awesome:

This cool sign!  “Capitol Theatre” has some heritage here that the name “Landmark 9” can’t beat. It’s smart of them not to mess with that. Looks great at night too!

Look at this huge Concession area!  Amazing Popcorn,

That Coke Freestyle thing,

frozen freaking yogurt, games, candy dispensers

and this kooky game where you can win a movi---wait a second – those are gift cards on there!!!! Sneaky!

Also, lots of room for displays!

Like this one!

And this one!

The Screen gets bigger before the movie starts!  Instead of a curtain opening, this theatre makes the screen bigger! And the lights dim! That’s important! It’s classy! Some theatres forget about the “MAGIC”!  And just slam off the lights and start making noise. Even worse when they slam the lights on during the credits. It’s uncivilized I tell you!!!  We need something that subtly says “Hey, dumb dumb, get off your phone and watch the movie!” The presentation here was nice. When you have a decent presentation, you have better behaved patrons! (This is an opinion and has not been proven by a scientific study…yet!)

Are those Blue seats?!?! Well, that’s nothing crazy, but it looked good! The walls were nice too.

And these unassuming but still cool lights! It added to that classy feeling we mentioned before.

Other stuff: Lora really liked these old timey garbage bins! It caught her eye in a retro fun kind of way.

I really liked that these arm rests

And realized they go up…After the movie was over. Cuddle opportunity missed!

Should you go?  YES! The Theatre in Brandon is awesome!  

Here's a link to find out more for yourself!


 BTW, In case you're interested, We saw “Skyscraper”!


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