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Star City – That’s where we’re headed!

Star City Cinema – Swan River, Manitoba!

By Jim | July 20th, 2018 at 10:14pm

Why it’s Awesome:

Look at these cool old seats in the lobby!  So they replaced the seats at some point, but kept some of the old ones! The new red seats are comfy and have cup holders! you wouldn't believe us about the cup holders...but in case you didn't, here they are! In all of their cup-holdery glory! There's TONS of leg room too!  


Look at this super cool old sign!  Neat eh?  Derek (one of the owners) says the outside (around the sign) is going to get a facelift soon, (says there was some fire damage on the outside) so if you read this after August, 2018 – well, then it looks nicer than this! So go check it out and send us an updated photo! Do it! Go!!!!!  

It’s another theatre with a cool history!  It was built in 1958 and had a few owners before Derek and Marla took it over around five years ago. At one point in the town's history, there were two cinemas and a drive-in Theatre in Swan River and this one is the survivor.

Cool old theatre lights!  We didn’t ask how old, but they look cool! You know, we don’t want to be complete weirdos! “Hi, how old are your lights?”, We’re already walking around being all nerdy about the theatres and the locals are like, “Uh...You must really like old movie theatres.” And we’re like, “Yeah, we drive around and go to movies in small towns for fun.” That usually ends the conversation. One guy here in Swan (That’s what the cool people call it) kept talking and said how lucky the people were to have this movie theatre because so many small towns in the U.S. have NOTHING like this and therefore, visitors have NOTHING to do. In Swan River, you can go to a movie with the latest picture and sound quality!

Great popcorn and reasonable prices!  They have an “Adult combo” and a “Teen Combo” and if you know what popcorn and drinks cost usually, then you’ll be surprised when you see this price tag!


 And look at this cool straw dispenser! That's all there is to say about that!

Other stuff:

The washroom doors had “Actors” and “Actresses” on it!  You’re just going to have to go see that for yourself, because the owners were so nice, that we became lost in conversation and forgot to take pictures of the bathroom doors.

The lady who took the tickets at the front (who called herself “Grandma”) didn’t want to be in any pictures, but her smile lit up the room!

Oh, and notice those bins there? Those are for people to toss their garbage, which I think is a great idea! When did the idea that we could just leave our garbage at our seats become a thing anyway? It's GROSS! Tell your kids to grab their garbage and throw it away rather than leaving it around your seats! Kids like being trained to be good people.

Should you go?  YES! The Star City Cinema in Swan River is awesome!


Here are some links to find out more!


By the way, in case you’re interested, we saw “Sicario” 7p show!

Also, if you didn't get the joke around the title of this post, you are in good company. Lora didn't get it either. It's a take off on the song "Soul City"!

Soul City - that's where we're headed! Dancing and singin' till dawwwwwwwwn!

Still no?   Partland Brothers?, didn't think that would help....


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