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Built for Dauphin - by the people!

Countryfest Community Theatre - in Dauphin, Manitoba!

By Jim | July 18th, 2018 at 9:19pm

 Why it’s Awesome:

The Community wanted it so they built it!  The concessionist said it was built in 2010 and opened in 2011. “What was in this building before?” I asked. “Nothing” she replied. “It was a park.” Now the park is over there!” and she pointed outward.

They are committed to keeping it going!  Looks like they took a page from the Cineplex Odeon style book, but then added some of their own touches.  The theatre itself is sponsored, the individual theatres are sponsored, and look –

a 50/50 draw every month!

Lots of pre or post movie games!  You want to play some games before the movie? Here are some!

And they’re cool!

Even a Virtual Reality game!

Local commercials before the movies! And, the ones we saw weren’t terrible or anything! It’s like they have quality control! They also made their own slides to tell you about coming attractions. (or copied ones we’ve never seen before!) We’re not going to show you that, because we make a point of taking no pictures of the screen before or during the movie! If we take a wide shot and the credits are still rolling, we blur the screen.

An animated flashlight tells you to shut off your cell phone! Yes, this is something else we won’t show you! You must see it for yourself!

Other stuff: The people were very nice as they explained the short history of this theatre, and look!

A party room!

Should you go?  YES! The Community Theatre in Dauphin is awesome!

Here are the links to find out more!

BTW, in case you're interested, we went to see “Antman and the Wasp”! We chose the 3:50p show because it was a super hot day!

One other note:  We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast in Dauphin. We don't normally treat ourselves, but, well look at this place!!!!!

Yeah, that place, and it was great!

The best moment came the next moring when there was this CRAZY storm.

We watched it from our 2nd floor porch (some might say Veranda) then went down for breakfast. Cordell (our host) mentions that his mother told him that thunder was the sound from "angel's bowling", and the lightening came from "an angel going over the fowl line".

He then paused and said, "My mother told me lots of things. She also told me Soya sauce was made of spider's blood." 

W-WHAT!?!  I was totally taken aback by this. We laughed.

Lora took it in stride and without missing a beat, seriously said, "I hope they used free range spiders."

I love her SO much.


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