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Hey Garry! Roomy Theatre you got there!

The Garry Theatre - in Selkirk, Manitoba!

By Jim | July 16th, 2018 at 8:32pm

Theatre 1:  It’s a pretty large theatre (over 500 seats) and has crazy amounts of room. Even more room because we went the same night as the opening of Selkirk on the waterfront.

So the locals were busy enjoying not only a tribute to Keith Urban, but Neil Young! Even QX 104 made it out to join the fun! Sadly, it started raining after the movie, so we didn’t catch a lot of the live entertainment.

Why it's Awesome:

Look at this aisle space! Are you kidding me!? I could cartwheel in-between these rows! Well, it’s possible. Let’s be clear. No cartwheeling took place, but plenty of man and woman-spreading did…because we could! (Lora says that sounds gross)

Yummy popcorn! Full disclosure: We LOVE Landmark Cinema popcorn and this was no exception!  Towne 8 in Winnipeg is the best, but this came close!

Look at this cool bathroom sign!  We’re suckers for this old-timey stuff. Character is too underrated.  

Are these seats powder blue?!? 

Reminds me of the suit I wore to grade nine grad! Unlike the suit, these seats fit well, with plenty of room! Some are a bit worn, but who cares! You’re here to watch a movie, not look at where you put your butt!

Hey, that’s kind of like a balcony!  Okay, it isn't, but if you want to sit waaaaaaay in the back and feel like royalty – you can!

 WAIT! Are those seats RED!?! Why yes they are...I guess it IS for royalty!

Other stuff: The staff was delightful! Lora likes talking with the concessionists (Yes it’s a word!) about more than just popcorn and drinks, and they were delightful people.

Should you go?  YES! The Garry Theatre in Selkirk is big and roomy and awesome!  

For more info, here's a link!

In case you were interested, the theatre was Showing “Tag”! (You may have noticed that from the first picture)

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Comments (1)
  • Jim October 7th, 2021 at 9:29pm
    Sad Update: The Theatre closed during the Pandemic. :(