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Little Cinema on the Prairie (City)

Prairie City Cinema – Portage La Prairie, Manitoba!

By Jim | September 3rd, 2018 at 3:11pm


Why it’s Awesome:

Another interesting story: This family owned business has changed a LOT over the years. It was once a 500 seat stand alone theatre – then it became three theatres, and then five, and since 2013 or so FIVE upgraded and renovated theatres! The owner Dave, gave mad props to his wife, stating that the reason he loves running these theatres is 1) because she is doing it with him, and 2) because she’s come up with some amazing ideas to make the business more interesting. One example was the ladies nights she started.

Look! Cup holders…there they are!

And look at these little fold-up tables: if you come early and you’re waiting for your theatre to empty out, you can chill right here!

LOOK at this retro nod to the old-timey film days:  We can’t be the only people who love these cool touches! Good on ya Prairie City!

Nice sound!  We don’t talk too much about sound and picture quality, mainly because it’s good at every theatre! and the only way to really compare is to watch the same movie at every theatre! But the amazing sound stood out here!  Was it the movie? was it the owners design? (they were literally the building contractors for this theatre!) Whatever it was, we both noticed it!

Popcorn! It’s official, popcorn and drinks cost less when you go to a small town. And it’s really good! They have fun combos too!  So go on an adventure sometime! 

Other stuff: The people are always very nice! 

Should you go?  YES! The Prairie City Cinema in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba is awesome!

Here are some links to find out more!


By the way, in case you’re interested, we saw “Mile 22”!

 This is from the parking lot.

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