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You a movie GOER? WINK! WINK! ...ler!

Landmark Cinema 5 - Southland Mall - Winkler, Manitoba!

By Jim | July 16th, 2018 at 8:14pm

Why it’s Awesome:


A glowing glass block divider! Are you kidding me? From top to bottom Green! Pink! purple/Blue! And…well, kind of blue again. This picture gives it a bit more purple than you’d see in person, or maybe it’s the new gold and white/ blue and black dress thing! (Is that reference too old now?) Anyway, it’s great for resting your popcorn on while waiting in line. It also separated the movie-goers and the movie-leavers.

Ridiculously fresh popcorn! It’s no secret we LOVE Landmark Cinema popcorn and this was no exception! The concessionist (It’s a word. Really! Google it!) made a brand-new batch while we waited, and Lora talked to him about DSLR cameras while it popped. Well, he started it by asking about hers. I mean, she doesn’t just start talking to people about cameras.

Side note, a lady stopped by and bought a large bag of popcorn to take home to her family as a movie-night treat, so we’re not the only popcorn weirdos in the world!


Look at this cool wall Light!  A square with attitude that says, “I’m made of brass, so don’t give me no sass!”  It reminds us of the Flash TV show from the 90s! Which is AMAZING to watch now.  Note: Try to avoid looking at Mark Hamill’s crotch in his trickster costume…way too much…er…movement! Sorry, I just ruined those episodes for you.


Is that a riser?!?! So, we’re in the surprisingly comfy, spacious red velvety seats, and in front of the screen is a gray riser! (or is it grey?) On quick reflection, this is a great idea because this way you can have someone hop up there and introduce a film if you do a screening. Hey, Winkler, when is your film festival happening? We’ll show up! Oh, wait! We glossed over the thing that’s more exciting than the riser…


Are these seats red VELVET?!?  Not sure when they were put in, but they are in AMAZING shape! Well taken care of, and they are pretty comfy! They might have some sound-proofing abilities too because we didn’t hear any of the 30 or so other people in the theatre during the movie! Yes, there were cup holders too!


Other stuff: There were two groups of teenage girls in the theatre with us, and they were delightful people. Sure, they used the word “honestly” more than one should, but if you want to have hope for humanity, go to Winkler and get stuck listening to two groups of teenage girls talk before a movie. I’m just saying they’re smart, decent, funny, young humans.

White ceiling fans, soundproofing that looked like there were curtains on the wall, and the purple walls between theatres all added to the time-warpy ambiance. We’re not making fun, we’re telling you, this is part of the fun!

The bathrooms had a bit of a movie theme, and hey, is that a sharps disposal box? Good on you Landmark 5! Smart and safe!


Now, if you think having a place to dispose of needles is somehow wrong, then stop thinking just about drug addicts and think about your friend with diabetes. Well, that got weird. Expect that sometimes from this blog. We just got home from a movie at 1:14am!


Should you go?  YES! The Theatre in Winkler is awesome!  

Here's a link to learn more:

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