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Yes, we saw a Flick at Flicks

The Flicks Cinema - Stonewall, Manitoba

By Jim | August 20th, 2018 at 10:11pm

Why it’s Awesome:


Another interesting story: Well, we think all the stories about small town theatres are cool, but most other people, not so much. So, we’ll give you the basics. Like it was the first theatre in Manitoba to get DOLBY Sound! And it seats around 350


Nice seats!!!! The owner has put some money into the theatre lately, upgrades, and new seats. It can do movies with 7.1 surround sound! Sadly, the movie we saw this evening didn’t need it.


Popcorn and Drinks! We’re quickly realizing that popcorn and drinks and snacks cost less when you go to a small town.  But wait – there’s more….


FIVE SIZES!!!! Small, medium, large, JUMBO and KING!  Part of me thinks that’s awesome, while part of me wonders why we need five sizes. “Oh no, I’m not in a large mood tonight, just a medium” or “Yeah, it’s not just a jumbo kinda night honey...KING ME!!!!”  But when it comes down to it, why do they have five sizes? BECAUSE THEY CAN!


Uh…these signs! Sometimes you just need to know the rules. AND HERE THEY ARE! I LOVE that the note about the church parking lot is written on paper, but the note about unruly kids was made all PROFESSIONAL! The cell phone one has almost faded away……………


Other stuff: The people were very nice! Oh, and just before we arrived, there was a thunderstorm watch, and apparently it poured like CRAZY during our movie. However, when we got out…the rain had completely stopped.



Should you go?  YES! The Flicks Cinema in Stonewall, Manitoba is awesome!


Here are some links to find out more!

By the way, in case you’re interested, we saw “Equalizer II”!


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